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Surgery preparation

Preparing for weight loss surgery

We’ve done this many, many times before, so we are here to make sure the process is as easy as possible.

Administrative details

Once you’ve met with the whole team and been cleared for surgery, we’ll book in your date and time for surgery.

Your surgeon will provide you with a surgical consent document so that you understand:

  • why you are having your procedure,
  • how the procedure is performed,
  • the risks and benefits,
  • alternative treatments,
  • your expected recovery,
  • length of stay in hospital, and
  • what will happen each day you are in hospital and on discharge.

We will give you your hospital admission forms, which you can complete online. The team at Calvary Adelaide Hospital can answer any queries on (08) 8227 7000. You will also require a pre-admission appointment at the hospital; the hospital will contact you to book this.

We can also assist in applying for early release of superannuation if required.

The final countdown

After you have your surgery date you will be given your date to begin a Very Low-Calorie Diet (VLCD). Your surgeon and dietitian will advise what option is best based on your needs. The diet will help you lose a few kilos before the surgery, as well as help reduce the size of your liver. This is important as it helps decrease the risk of complications during surgery.

Your surgeon will advise you of any changes to your medications and fasting in the lead-up to surgery.

Your weight loss journey

Helping you plan your weight loss surgery and beyond.