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Decision making process

Making the decision

We understand that the decision to investigate or proceed with weight loss surgery is not taken lightly. For most people, it is something that has been contemplated and possibly discussed for quite some time. This might have been alone online, or with a trusted family member, friend, or health practitioner.  Many people also already know someone who has had weight loss surgery.

Weight loss surgery isn’t a quick fix. It’s part of the solution that can help you on your way to long-term health. Our team are dedicated to helping you in every way.

Making changes to support your health

As part of your journey, you may need to make lifestyle changes that support long-term health. Our experienced team are here to guide you every step of the way; we look forward to supporting you in the years to come. Our team includes:

General and Upper GI Surgeons, trained in bariatrics

For your weight loss surgery, AMOS has exceptional gastrointestinal surgeons who offer a whole suite of different surgical options. They are at the top of their specialisation, while continuing to learn, research, teach and publish their work. They will discuss the specifics of surgery, so you feel confident to make an informed decision about whether, or which, procedure suits your needs. Surgery will be booked after you have discussed the procedure and post-operative care.


Our nutritionists and dietitians are passionate about preparing and guiding you through every stage of your weight loss surgery journey. They aim to empower you to have full confidence in the dietary choices you make. They have a real empathy for people with weight issues.

Exercise Physiologists

Our Exercise Physiologists will help you achieve weight loss, good health and fitness, all the way through your weight loss journey. They are determined to boost self-belief through movement, watching confidence and happiness evolve. They will help you implement exercise and physical activity as a lifestyle, making it feel less like a chore, all while working with any physical restrictions you may have. Getting yourself strong and fit before surgery also helps to reduces surgical risk and complications and improves your recovery time. Maintaining physical activity after surgery will help you achieve your long-term weight loss goals.


Diets encourage us to approach our food and body in a way that is more harmful than helpful. Your time with the psychologist is about helping you prepare and plan for life beyond surgery. Sessions will include practical suggestions and strategies for achieving your goals. Our psychologists are dedicated to working with you to become happier, more confident, and enjoying better relationships with those around you because of improved health. They have a wealth of knowledge and clinical skills, and approach support in a gentle, considered and outcome focussed way.

Bariatric Medical Practitioners

Our Bariatric Medical Practitioners have all had further training in bariatric medicine and play a crucial role in your success by collaborating with you to manage your health and weight. They do not replace your referring GP; they will keep them updated along your journey. You can expect a detailed discussion of your health, so they can then begin to outline a plan for you. You will find them enthusiastic partners; expect to develop a close relationship with them.

Weight loss options

You can explore the entire range of our weight loss options, which includes:

If you are interested in undergoing a weight loss assessment, please call our clinic on (08) 8465 6300 or book an appointment to see one of our surgeons today (GP referral is required for a medicare rebate).

Next steps in the process

After you’ve made the decision to proceed with your weight-loss journey, you’ll need to meet with members of our team.