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& Obesity Surgery (AMOS).

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Visiting a psychologist

Prior to surgery it’s important to under the issues of weight, eating and body image. Our psychologists can help motivate people to implement new behaviours and thinking, maximising the likelihood of sustained weight loss.

Your first appointment

Your first session is designed to be practical in focus, often discussing issues such as:

  • non-hungry eating,
  • comfort or emotional eating,
  • impact of work/life on eating habits,
  • your family and food, and
  • helping you to get started on some small changes pre-surgery.

Most people have ‘done all the diets’, so it’s important to help you to move away from the dieting approach.

Achieving long term success

Our psychologists aren’t so interested in ‘what’ people eat, but rather the ‘when’, ‘where’ and ‘why’! They aim to provide you with a framework that will maximise the benefits of bariatric surgery and lead to a happier, more confident you.

Please call our clinic on (08) 8465 6300 or book an appointment to see one of our weight loss psychologists today.

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Other steps in the process

As well as seeing the psychologist, you will also need to visit other members of our team.