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Visiting a dietitian

This is not just another appointment with a weight loss dietitian where you are told what you can and can’t eat.

Our experienced team of dietitians work with patients who have had, or are preparing for, weight loss surgery. They are passionate about guiding you to achieve your goals, and empowering you to have full confidence in the dietary choices you make.

They understand that a healthy lifestyle is not just knowing what to eat, but how to balance diet with the demands of life. They want to help you improve your relationship with food via practical, easy to understand nutrition advice that is also specific to your individual needs.

What to expect at your first appointment

Prior to your first appointment you will need to complete a detailed dietary and lifestyle assessment. During your appointment your dietitian will use this, along with a body composition scan, to understand more about your body and the energy it burns.

This information will help determine your goals and which weight loss approach will best suit you. From the outset, they will ensure you understand and work with your selected treatment to optimise your long-term success. You will leave your first consultation with a plan with your personal needs as the focus.

Support for weight loss surgery

If you choose surgery, they will also explain the dietary changes required to help you prepare for, and recover from, your treatment. They can help you understand how surgery will impact how you eat in both the short and long term, and how to transition safely back to a normal diet.

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Other steps in the process

As well as seeing the weight loss dietitian, you will also need to visit other members of our team.