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  • AMOS
  • 13 February 2023

The Truth About Restriction

Many years ago, surgeons believed that if they could reduce the size of a patient’s stomach, they would lose weight.
And…they did! But not for the reasons we thought.
It turns out that many of the reasons patients lose weight after surgery is because they feel less hungry, they feel full, and often their food preference changes away from sugary and fatty foods. But surgery also works because portion size is reduced, BUT…this changes over time. It is quite normal for the portion size to increase gradually over the first year after surgery. Most patients can end up eating a buttersize meal of fairly normal food at the 12 month mark. This can lead to patients thinking that something has gone wrong with their operation, or that they have stretched their stomach. This is simply not true.
In fact, it turns out that the main effects of surgery occur not because 80% of the stomach has been removed or bypassed, but because operating on the stomach causes hormonal changes in your body which have a favourable effect on the brain assisting people to lose weight. Now if I could get those same hormonal changes by removing your toe rather than part of your stomach, I would do that instead!
So the good news is, that even if your portion sizes increase somewhat, the positive hormonal effect leading to fullness, hunger suppression and slower gastric emptying IS STILL PRESENT, long after your surgery.
If you feel the effect of surgery is waning somewhat, the best thing is to get a hormone turbo-boost with medication like Ozempic, rather than trying to get restriction back by further surgery or the Minimizer Ring for example. We have discovered further surgery to try and recreate the initial restrictive feelings are very often underwhelming.
This might seem complicated, but as AMOS are experts in Revisional Bariatric Surgery, we know a thing or two and are happy to discuss any concerns you have about changes in restriction, weight regain, or even the need for a second opinion after previous surgery elsewhere. Just call us on 08 8465 6300 to make an appointment.

Bariatric Surgery Diagram

Contributed by Dr Justin Bessell