• AMOS
  • 25 May 2022

High protein snack ideas after bariatric surgery

As most patients are aware, it’s important to prioritise protein intake after bariatric surgery. It can feel hard to keep this in mind when eating snacks, especially eating snacks on the go.

We’ve complied a list of some easy high-protein snack options to help you reach your daily protein requirements (generally 60-80g each day).

Make an appointment to see one of our dietitians if you’re uncertain about your specific needs or are struggling to meet your needs with whole foods rather than protein powder.

Item Protein grams per serve Calories per serve Protein grams per 100g Calories per 100g
Tinned tuna 15.7g per 95g 71 25.7g 74
Happy Snack Company roasted chickpeas 5.6g per 25g 105 22.5g 420
Bounce protein ball 8.6g per 40g 170 21.5g 425
Almonds/Walnuts 7g per 35g 200 20g 580
Lite laughing cow cheese 2.2g per triangle 26 13.5g 164
Pumpkin seeds (roasted and unsalted) 5.3g per 28g 126 19g 446
Boiled egg 6g per egg 78 13g 155
High protein cottage cheese 5.6g per 50g 43 11.2g 85
Edamame beans 8.5g per 75g 91 11g 122
YoPro vanilla yoghurt 15.4g per 160g 95 9.6g 58
Obela Hommus 1.6g per 20g 53 8g 258
Edgell snack time chickpeas 5.2g per 70g 110 7.4g 157
Edgell snack time black beans 4.0g per 70g 98 5.7g 141



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