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  • AMOS
  • 7 March 2022

Eating out after weight loss surgery

Having weight loss surgery doesn’t mean you’ll never be able to eat out at a restaurant again; you just need to be prepared.

Choosing a restaurant

It’s great if you have a say in where you’re going to eat! Choose a restaurant that offers small plate or shared meals, such as tapas, Asian or Lebanese cuisines. Even if the restaurant is chosen for you, you can checkout the menu online before you go so you can get an idea of the types of foods you could order and choose the most suitable options.

Choose your meal wisely

Once you’re on solid foods, you should be ok to eat most things. Look for lighter options, such as salads, soup or a small piece of lean protein with vegetables that will help keep you full. Avoid over oily or sugary foods.

If you’re sharing plates, serve up a portion that you’re happy to consume, and stick with it. Don’t be tempted to add small bits at a time, as this could easily lead to eating too much.

Eat mindfully

It can be tempting to eat fast, especially if you’re with others who do so. Focus on your eating tips, such as taking small bites, eating slowly and putting down your utensils between mouthfuls.

Avoid empty calories

Feel free to decline the free bread or shared entrees (if you’re getting your own meal). For salads, ask to have the sauce on the side so you can limit your calories.

Alcohol and soft drinks are also high in calories while providing no nourishment. If you do want a glass of wine, order it first thing, take small sips, and stop when you order your food. This should give it enough time to digest for when your meal arrives. Then, after you’ve eaten, wait another 20 minutes before finishing the glass.

Don’t be afraid to take some home

Don’t force yourself to eat the whole meal, to avoid wasting food. Instead, ask if you can take the remainder home, giving you a lunch of dinner for the next day. Remember – you pay for a full stomach not an empty plate!

What to say to others

You may have chosen to keep your bariatric journey to yourself. Only ever eat what you are comfortable with. And if anyone asks, just say you’re feel and leave it at that.

Most importantly enjoy the time out with family and friends!