Surgery cost

Understanding the costs of bariatric surgery

Whether you have private health insurance or not, surgery can seem financially daunting. Our team are here to help you understand what costs will be involved.

Initial appointment fees

You will need to meet with the members of our team to ensure your suitability for surgery. All fees must be paid in full on the day.

Bariatric surgeon

You will meet with a Bariatric Surgeon to discuss the pros and cons of all options, decide which option is right for your situation, and perform your surgery.

Initial appointment: $250 (Medicare rebate of $78.05 with a valid referral)


An AEP Health Group Dietitian will provide education and counselling on what to expect before and after surgery and ensure appropriate nutritional supplementation.

Initial appointment: $185 (Private health rebate may be available; item code 500)

Exercise Physiologist

An AEP Health Group Exercise Physiologist will tailor an activity program specific to you and your needs.

Initial appointment: $175 (Private health rebate may be available; item code 102)


A Psychologist will help you understand the when, where and why of your eating habits.

Initial appointment $220 (private health rebate may be available; item code 100)

Bariatric Medical Practitioner

You may also need to see a Bariatric Medical Practitioner from Re:You, to discuss your options and provide referrals for any additional tests required.

Initial appointment $288 (Medicare rebate of $113.30)

What’s included in the cost of surgery?

We offer individualised financial packages to patients, and it will depend whether you have private health insurance or not. Our staff can prepare an individualised quote for you once you have met with a surgeon.

Should you choose to proceed with surgery, you will be required to pay the program fee 2 weeks prior to surgery. This includes the surgery itself, as well as our holistic lifestyle program designed specifically for you to receive the maximum benefit from surgery.

To give you the best chance of success, your package will include:

  • your surgery,
  • post-operative care with our surgeons,
  • 2 post-operative appointments with our dietitians, and
  • 2 post-operative appointments with our exercise physiologists.

You will also need to pay an anaesthetist’s fee separately to our costs.

If you are referred to our Bariatric Medical Practitioners, they will provide you with an independent quote.

Fees do not include any hospital excess as part of your private health insurance policy, any additional services undertaken in hospital or appointments with our team other than those outlined above.  Please check with your private health insurer if you are covered for items 31572 (Bypass), or 31575 (Sleeve).

Find out more

If you’d like to discuss your options, make an appointment with one of our experienced surgeons today on (08) 8465 6300.