AMOS, Australian Metabolic & Obesity Surgery, is one of Australia's leading weight-loss clinics. We offer a full range of weight-loss solutions, including bariatric surgery, delivered by a holistic, multi-disciplinary team based at Calvary Adelaide Hospital.

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With a proven approach to weight loss and better health outcomes, we are one of Australia’s leading obesity clinics.

Weight Solutions

AMOS, Australian Metabolic & Obesity Surgery, offers the full range of the latest weight-loss solutions delivered by a holistic multi-disciplinary team all under the one roof at Calvary Adelaide Hospital.

Weight Solutions

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Our team of experienced Accredited Practising Dieticians & Nutritionists understand that food is so much more than nutrition and weight, and will help you navigate the minefield of information when it comes to ‘what to eat’.

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Calvary Adelaide Hospital

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