Elipse by Allurion Balloon (non-surgical)

The Elipse by Allurion is a new non-surgical weight loss solution, available for patients with a BMI from 27 to 40. It has been placed in over 47,000 patients across Europe and Asia to date. 

During an outpatient visit, the patient swallows a capsule containing the deflated balloon. After the position is confirmed via x-ray the doctor will use the tube to fill the balloon with liquid. A second x-ray will be used to ensure the balloon is filled and placed correctly, before removing the tube. 

During this time, the balloon takes up space in the stomach, providing the patient with a feeling of fullness. Trials have shown that patients lose an average of 10-15% total body weight. 

After approximately 16 weeks, the balloon empties and then passes naturally. 

At AMOS we can provide the appropriate lifestyle and dietary advice to complement your non-surgical weight loss journey with our multi-disciplinary team of professionals. 

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