What costs are involved?

Prior to surgery:

  • Initial consult with GP: $195 (Medicare rebate $107.15)
  • Initial consult with Dietitian: $160 (usually less with health fund rebates) OR (less with Medicare Health Care Plan/EPC $52.95 rebate)
  • Initial consult with Exercise Physiologist: $175 (usually less with health fund rebates) OR (less with Medicare Health Care Plan/EPC $52.95 rebate)
  • Initial consult with Psychologist: Option of Phone/Skype or in AMOS rooms
    • $160 Phone/Skype (for Chris Thompson a Mental Health Care Plan may apply)
    • $195 in AMOS rooms (usually less with health care rebates) OR (less with Medicare Health Care Plan/EPC $52.95 rebate or Mental Health Care plan $84.80 rebate)
  • Initial consult with Surgeon: $150 (Medicare rebate $73.85)

Surgery Fees:

For patients who just need a LapBand removed, these is no cost at all for patients with Private Health Insurance. We will just bill your health fund direct.

For patients having Lapband, Gastric Bypass, Sleeve Gastrectomy, or Revisional Surgery, we will also bill your health fund direct covers if you have private health insurance, but there is an additional “Access fee” which pays for a lifetime of medical care in our clinic with the surgeons and a 2 years with our GP's. This means there are no gaps for any postoperative surgeon's appointments, and no gaps for any further surgery or any other procedures should they ever be required.

Access Fee:

Adelaide Patient: $4000
Darwin Patient: $4500
Revisional Procedure: $4500

Surgical Assistant Fee:

There is no out of pocket costs for insured patients.

For uninsured patients the Surgical Assistant fee cost can vary from $300-$400. This is set independently by the various Medical Surgical Assistants.

Anaesthetic Fee:

This cost can vary from $500-$2,000 and is independently set by the various anesthetists we work with.

After Surgery:

All appointments with the surgeon will be bulk-billed for life.

After surgery, GP consults will be bulk-billed for a period of 2 years (after that time, a $50 gap for appointments will apply).

One year of online support with our Dietitians (including Webinars for Darwin patients) will also be included.

Other appointments with Allied Health team at your discretion will incur a fee.

*Appointments for prescription medicine will attract additional fees and are separate to the surgical fees.

I don't have private health insurance, what are my options?

One option is to join private health, wait out the 12 month waiting period, and have your procedure thereafter. However, again we recommend you come and see us to discuss this option for several reasons: Some health funds/tables do not cover Bariatric Surgery so you obviously want to avoid those, and also, we want to use the 12 month wait productively to get you going on a lifestyle program so you can have surgery as soon as the waiting time is over. No point waiting 12 months and then starting the program. As below you can look at early release of your super.

How can I fund my procedure?

Apply to access early release of your Superannuation. This is an option is certain circumstances, and we can assist if this is your preferred option. We recommend you speak to us about this first before making further enquiries, as we can save you a lot of hassle and heartache. For further information please visit www.mysupercare.com.au

External finance is another option. Contact TLC Total Lifestyle Credit on 1300 045 047 for payment plan options. For further information visit https://tlc.com.au/apply-now/?prnid=NjU1

Where do I have my operation

Dr Justin Bessell operates from Calvary Wakefield Hospital and Darwin Private Hospital
Dr Jon Shenfine operates from Calvary Wakefield Hospital, Western Hospital, and Darwin Private Hospital.

How long will I be in hospital and how much time do I need off work

This can vary from patient to patient, but as a general rule, we advise the following:

Orbera Intragastric Balloon insertion and removal- day procedure and recovery time varies from patient to patient. Patients usually return to work in around three to five days after the procedure.

Laproscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy - 2 days in hospital and 3 weeks off

Laproscopic Gastric Bypass - 2 days in hospital and 3 weeks off

Mini-lap Gastric Bypass - 3 days in hospital and 4 weeks off

Revisional and Redo surgery- 3 days in hospital and 4 weeks off.

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