Exercise Physiologists

Step 4: Visit an exercise physiologist

The importance of exercise and physical activity for weight loss surgery goes far beyond just assisting weight loss and AEP help people implement exercise and physical activity as a lifestyle and make it feel less like a painful chore. Getting yourself strong and fit before surgery reduces surgical risk and complications and improves your recovery so that you can get back into the things you enjoy. It also helps you maintain muscle mass, improves your energy levels and self-confidence.

Your initial appointment will focus on assessing

  • your current health and fitness status,
  • your current lifestyle including exercise habits and motivation,
  • where you need to adopt changes,
  • barriers to being more physically active and ways to overcome them, and
  • your health and/or weight loss goals.

This will include:

  • testing your Resting Metabolic Rate, 
  • assessing your Activity and Exercise Expenditure, and
  • providing sustainable daily calorie output goals.

You may have to complete some easy fitness tests which helps AEP to tailor make a program just for you and ensures that you are reaching your goals. You have the option of starting a program at home, in one of our friendly equipped clinics in a supervised group class or at your own gym.

AEP believes that any goal can be achieved, even if it takes a few attempts! They love giving people the inspiration, motivation and belief that they can achieve good health and fitness, especially when they feel it may all be too hard.

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