Step 3: Visit at dietitian

Our experienced team of dietitians are passionate about preparing and guiding you to achieve your goals, empowering you to have full confidence in the dietary choices you make.

This is NOT just another dietitian appointment where you are told what you can and can’t eat, NOR will you be asked to count calories or points.

Our dietitians understand that a healthy lifestyle is not just knowing what to eat, but how to balance diet with the demands of life. They want to help you improve your relationship with food via practical, easy to understand nutrition advice that is also specific to your individual needs.

From the outset, they will ensure you understand and work with your selected treatment to optimise your long-term success. You will leave your first consultation with a plan with your personal needs as the focus.

If you choose surgery, they will also explain the dietary changes required to help you prepare for and recover from your treatment. They have lots of ideas to help make these stages easier. Following surgery, they will help you transition safely back to a normal diet, and will provide an ongoing support program to ensure you succeed.

Come prepared with your questions and know you will leave knowing how good nutrition fits into the weight loss solution puzzle. They really are here to help.

Next step: Visit an exercise physiologist 

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